Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Powerball sales expected to rise as jackpot hits $245 million - York Dispatch


Some customers still recall the winning Powerball ticket sold at Bookland in York Township a few years ago.

Just over three years ago, Myrna Shearer, then of Manchester Township, bought a Powerball ticket at the store that matched all six numbers, netting Shearer and her husband, Thomas, a one-time cash payout of $30.2 million.

"Some people say, 'Let's see if you can sell another (winning ticket),'" said Dean Holtzapple, store manager.

The Shearers' earnings pale in comparison to the $245 million top prize up for grabs when the numbers are drawn Wednesday night.

With such a large jackpot, Holtzapple said he anticipates a busy day Wednesday as last-minute lottery players scramble to buy tickets.

More players: The last time the Powerball jackpot topped $245 million was in June 2010. Someone in Ohio walked away with $261 million after that drawing, said Elizabeth Brassell, spokeswoman for the state Department of Revenue.

Every time the jackpot exceeds $100 million, Powerball ticket sales across the state climb exponentially, she said.

A ticket must correctly match all five white numbers and the sixth Powerball number in order for its owner to win the $245 million jackpot, which has a cash payout of $146.2 million.

Federal taxes will claim 25 percent of the winnings.

Jody Warfel, a sale associate at Smoker's Outlet in West York, said she, too, notices more ticket buyers when the jackpot is high.

"The higher it is, the more they'll play," she said.

Some ticket buyers find there is strength in numbers when playing the lottery.

Ashish Ramari, owner of Rod's Corner Store in York City, said it's not unusual for him to sell $100 worth of tickets to a group of office workers who've pooled their money.

Ramari said he'd like to see a group of pooled players win the top prize since it spreads the money around and "everybody becomes a millionaire."

What it would buy: If someone's Powerball ticket matched all six numbers and the winner opted for the one-time cash payout of $146.2 million, that person would have $109.65 million left after federal taxes claim 25 percent.

Here are a few things you could buy with $109.65 million:

* One 210-acre property in Nevada listed on zillow.com for $100 million. The property includes a private lake, 16-car garage, two par three golf holes, a conservatory, guest house, art studio, boat house pavilion and a 38,000 square-foot main house.

* 398 model year 2012 Aston Martin DBSs priced at $275,461 each, options not included

* 9,977 Nissan Versas priced at $10,990 each

* 132,267 GB iPad 2s with Wi-Fi and 3G priced at $829 each

* 18,305,509 Merona men's boxers at $5.99 each from target.com

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Article source: Powerball sales expected to rise as jackpot hits $245 million - York Dispatch

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