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I wrote an article on Zend framework to which i initially opted in choosing a PHP framework. I want to be very careful cos i want to build a large scale application to which the framework i'll choose will be the driving point..

for instance, i must be able to create multiple minisites through the application that i will create using the framework, so far, im opting on yii

but ifever, through the articles i wrote on which i was discouraged using the zend framework (i hate cakephp) maybe i made some silly mistakes that could have been uncovered easily with someone with large experience with zend framework..

kindly let me know if you need any more information about this
looking forward to hear from you soon

kind regards

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i simply dont know when i see all these comments

good points: lightness, database queries yes they are the 50% efficiency factor it's true; size of the framework, cakephp is so easy to learn at first but when i see websites build on cake, WO, that's not what I'd want for delivery to a client =]

for instance, i have friends in the office boasting about the frameworks they will be using in the future and not even considering the detrimental factors involved in, for example shifting employees or if one leaves and get replaced by another who's good at php for instance (lets' say normal good) but nenni in the framework considered.. it's like in bourne identity and then everything goes silent, kaboom..

i saw one dude on top mentioning to create one of your own with just the requirements that would fit the requirements specifications of the applications, with clear independence of the MVCs, that is, modules created should be clearly independent of each other, minimum strings attached

documentation.. no one mentioned documentation.. documentation and user manuals are important, the app does not belong to you, it belongs to the company so the company must have a documentation and a user manual for different types of users that will be interacting with it, it's big so the acl is important i guess; that comes along with whatever framework you're using

i guess everyone here must guess im no programmer, im an analyst and that was how i would envisage the best strategy.. even im going through this hard decision and, php being a framework by itself and largely oO, y the need to build another framework when it already is one!?

so my best answer could be (even if I'm getting back on zend framework one more time) to build one of your own, deliver good documentation, comments, and user manuals and inspire on existing frameworks to eliminate weak points and improve on the best

that was my $0.03 :D

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It's true about what ppl are saying about Zend.. Although it created PHP, it's not being brilliant in creating a framework, which i understand, cos we cant be good at everything..

can you imagine symfony creating php??? AAAHH, or microsoft??

So I got stuck in this part of the tutorial from the Zend official website itself and apparently from what i see, the Zend framework doesnt have much and I guess it wont even post the comments about the issues i encountered on following it, which is not fairplay at all and which also reflects their professionalism and ways of doing things.. I never knew Zend PHP people to be sort of hypocrites: well, maybe they have a good reason to do so, and I hope it's for their own best..

So here we go..

im sorry but i think it's important for me to say this, but this might sound like spamming, it is not or maybe im doing it wrongly, if so, someone be nice and email me at equatorlounge[at]gmail[dot]com..

i had to manually type in the lines:
resources.frontController.controllerDirectory = APPLICATION_PATH "/controllers"
resources.frontController.params.displayExceptions = 0
resources.layout.layoutPath = APPLICATION_PATH "/layouts/scripts/"

and create the folders layouts/scripts with the layout.phtml inside

i cant believe im the only one going through this cos ive googled like hell and NOT found the error i mentioned in the previous threads ive posted

to note im using xampp-32bit on windows7 64bit, but i didnt find a 64-bit version on the apachefriends site

it's quite discouraging in the end. im gonna try one last day and shift to CakePHP just like everyone else

in reference to: Zend Framework: Documentation: Create A Layout - Zend Framework Manual (view on Google Sidewiki)

Check this page out and if you founfd out better sites, please feel free to post in a thread, that'd be great, thanks !

in reference to:

- http://www.apachefriends.org/winxampp/win32-compatibility-current.txt (view on Google Sidewiki)

So on one of my partner portals where I'm supposed to build a top-notch super extra de-la-mort-qui-tue mega portal, well there are threads where I decided to give this opportunity to users NOT to necessarily register on ZAP to post something..

Finally as you can see on my blog, well there are certain stupid idiots spammers (I think I might know them as well, but I'll remain mum..) who keep on spamming on threads, with links to porn sites and sites with low page ranking


That sucks ..

I guess you still have to remain harsh and force users to register even if the portal is not yet ready for not even an alpha launch :(

Too BAd !!!

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That is the one of the first steps in starting to learn the Zend Framework. Unfortunately, there are various issues that have to be 'overcomed' when we start Zend Framework..

This is one of the issues on which I've got trapped for a while and I wanted to keep this as a reference for myself, lazy as I am :)

But I decided to add this paragraph just in case some readers got this 'oO' feeling of 'what's he writing?'

:D ..

By the way, I've read quite a lot on PHP frameworks and on how beginners and designers-wannabe-programmers get discouraged on Zend framework (and on Symfony too, I got discouraged as well..)

Many I read abandoned the quest of being programmatically independant from php frameworks that relate to Zend and Symfony. On the other hand, they got a lot happier with Joomla. Drupal (which is not a content management system, it's rather a CMS with a framework interface at the backend, like a mélange..) and CakePHP

I'm nearly discouraged as well but I still want to try learning the Zend framework, it's very hard for a designer but still I want to be able to get through it and take on a heavy vacation after I finish mastering it !!

I dont hope, I simply know I can make it..

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