Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SnakeBite being used as a drug in india, more powerful than heroine, opium or even brown sugar...

It is known and reported in literature that snake venom liberates pharmacologically active substances in the body

The Worst Part: This is yet another instance of terrible animal abuse. In addition to the fact that snakes have been abused by snake charmers for god knows how long, they also suffer at Nag Panchami in the name of Puja and still get beaten to death when by a wicked twist of fate they find themselves in the concrete jungle we dwell in.

Though I have no concrete proof of this less known demon in the drug circuits, my source reveals that the snake dies after it's been forced to bite three to four times.

Personal Rant:

What kind of twisted, miserable and sadistic/masochistic person actually kills a beautiful creature for the sake of a 'high'? But hey some other asshole thought, "does this shampoo burn? Let me put some in Guinea pig's eyes and check!"

When did breathing, living, reproducing animals full of life and character become commodities for the insensitive human?
in reference to: Snake Bite as a drug? Least known but rampant (view on Google Sidewiki)
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