Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Compatible Ophiuchus Leos

Apparently Leos are fully compatible with Ophiucus borned since they both represent powerful traits that when placed together, produce immense sort of immortality traits

all I know is that I have ALWAYS had the strangest attraction to Virgos. I say strange because according to all the standard compatibility guides sag and all those don't mix. I "was" a Sag but am now an "Ophiuchus". I'm still on the fence but the more I read on it the more it makes sense as far as my recent career shift from a Legal path to a Massage Therapy/Cosmetology one.

So I just always wondered why I was attracted to certain Virgos Pisces, Capricorns, and Taurus guys, then i looked up their "new" signs and they all shifted to something else. So it would make sense to me that you as a Virgo were attracted to a Sagittarius and now you're a Leo and she's an Ophiuchus.

in reference to: Are newly reform leos compatible with Ophiuchus? - Yahoo! Answers (view on Google Sidewiki)
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