Thursday, January 27, 2011

Iskcon and McDo ::

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This guy is doing a great job at being explicit and open to issues that can be resolved in a jiffy but instead of in a jiffy, ben... ya beaucoup de fifi...

Sacrifice is a word that is ambiguous, meaning it has a lot to say about itself. We all sacrifice ourselves for any reason, any; i have a friend who'd walk 1 mile instead of paying for a bus trip to ebene just for an ice cream at leglaciermoderne at rosehill :)

Some ppl associate sacrifice with fasting: that's not true; fasting comes by itself for oneself not for God; God never asked to fast, it's for outselves !!

fasting is for the body and the soul and when the need arrives (it's up to you to accept or refuse your own body or mind's message but they do send you messages! like smses LOL, e.g. let's eat just a salad today, nothing more when you're used to mcdos all day... e.g. i feel the need for healthy veggie food without onion and garlic (iskcon makes food without that) so let's go there

check my colleague's place where he lives: a kovil next to a mosque! when there's bakrid or marche sur le feu, ben.... y'a pas le feu, they respect each other and even once in a while engage in humorous conversations when they come across each other on the streets or anywhere, im speaking of the maulana and the tamil pandit!

iskcon does not realise that by being friendlier and being more accessible to people, they will definitely attract a larger audience, especially if they have mcdo near them..

what about at qb, la bonne marmite (special krsna food) in between two chinese bars ?? (pork and beek snacks with rum and whiskies)

Without (in a way of saying things) forcing hindus or indian-looking mauritians to buy krsna books (check how the devotees at orchard centre try to sneak in the books inside your shopping bag on a sunday morn and whilst saying loads of good stuff about krsna n when you decide to go, they call and say HEY YOU DID NOT PAY! for wat? THE 3 KRSNA BOOKS IN YOUR SHOPPING BAG, IT'S A CURSE ! i saw ppl in the end pay but hell no for me ! i didnt ! ar moi nooooo... )

in reference to: Who will win? Mac Do or Iskcon | Yashvin, pages of my life (view on Google Sidewiki)
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