Thursday, January 27, 2011

The fights between McDo and ISKCON in Mauritius ... What a waste of time

there is always something wrong with iskcon

in south africa, where iskcon existed WELL before here in Mauritius (it's like iskcon mauritius is the grandchild of ISKCON SA), there never was as many rules (created by the devotees here) to respect as there was back in SA..

there's like maybe more than 20 iskcon centres just in SA and they NEVER EVER have any problem with McDo, well maybe one or two.. As for the rest, just like Krsna taught his/her devotees, is to respect other religions and to always walk on the path of truth

Besides, Krsna, just like Jesus, told God resides in us, inside us.. Allah said if you cant come to the mosque, lay a clean nap on the floor and start praying from anywhere you are..

there's not really a need to go to temples when you can make a temple out of yourself

i dont think krsna said to fight with mcdo :(

hope the mauritius iskconians realise this and stop downgrading hindus as such

in reference to: Who will win? Mac Do or Iskcon | Yashvin, pages of my life (view on Google Sidewiki)
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