Thursday, November 4, 2010

Difference between a Programmer and a Coder

I found this article quite interesting and I have a theory about this. If ever I've hurt someone here, please don't get me wrong, it's just a theory

And So I Say: I believe there's a hierarchy...
software designer > software developer > software programmer > software coder

Once you have the idea to design based on the requirements specifications sheet brought in by the analyst (navigation and menus, content types, data flow diagram, gantt chart, state transition diagram, the environment, the PL to be used, online or offline, etc...), the major design tasks consisting of the ERD diagram (database design), the architecture of the software, design the components, NOW development comes into play: high level coding, pseudo codes, etc...

The programmer I believe will engage in constructing what the developer has prepared on a high level strategy; the developer lays the program that the programmer will now build and make it real. HE's the one who'll bring theory into reality.

You can also call them masons, essentials for ages if you take it as an analogy. For centuries and thousands of years, masons have constructed temples, towers like Babylon's Tower (which was where freemasons were believed to originate / start) Now, with the Internet Age, masons have become programmers :)

Programmers build programs created by the Developer / Architect. Just like masons, they will be given orders and they have to respect everything that they have been given, meticulously building the blocks, one by one until they finish the program... then move on to the next program, which could lie in Testing, but still a program...

I read some articles that say a developer can easily be a programmer.. NOT necessarily; these are two different fields: high level programming and low level programming; you cannot just make assumptions. In a race, programmers are the horses while the developers are the riders. Both are important to make it complete

That's why a carriage can never consist of more drivers than the horses
Can you imagine? Tooo many cooks would spoil the broth

Now to coders. I believe coders to be the mystery, the oblivious that heavily concentrate on codes, to make them better for instance. They might be the programmers' rivals but not necessarily... Like the words say, codes are to coders what programs are to programmers, right ?

Whilst programmers build the programs that they have been given to build, coders construct the codes that they will be given to build. A program consist of a series of lines of codes meant to do something. To make the codes better, stronger and more effective and efficient, coders come into play to make this happen.

If, For-While, Loops, Constructs would be what coders would concentrate on, whereas Make an entry in the database or converting a series of images into another format would be what programmers would be focussed on doing

I believe that's it !

Still I find it confusing though...
the difference between a programmer and a coder :( :(

in reference to: What is the difference between a coder and a programmer? - Quora (view on Google Sidewiki)
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