Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some People still live in their cocoons, which is saddening ...

Dear Sheran,
I would strongly advise you that instead of watching zeitgeist. Its better that you make any opinion in the future based on your own experience not on hearsays. Religions today so to say has become an economic race. Billions are being poured to destroy your culture, your spiritual identity. Worst your own money and resources and your own people are being used in that process. Just read a little bit of the comments of your own people.

hi prakash

thanks for your reply first of all. and your advice on my wellbeing, im glad to hear this from someone who seems to care a lot about me but thank you.

you are mixing spirituality and religion which are two completely different things. to tell you about religion and people of ‘my own culture’, ‘culture’ i think is self-defined n each one interprets it based on one’s environment in which one resides. someone can have a spiritual identity and respect and can at the same time pray to our one supreme god, not be religious, but yet be catholic!

my own ppl ? what are you talking about ? you were mixing spirituality and religion and now telling me to read my ppl’s comments n think this is gonna change for the least in my sense of seeing things in this country ? in this world ?

if you do not see what im trying to tell you, then i guess you’re another of those blind bats that err fascism and agree to become cattle-breed to a new world order who does nothing more than feed the hungry oligarchic bankers ...

in reference to: Yashvin, pages of my life » Who will win? Mac Do or Iskcon (view on Google Sidewiki)
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