Monday, February 21, 2011

The Concept and Meaning of Religion

Religion is indeed a series of rules and regulations, rituals and rites that provide you with one end-result in the end: to become disciplined (as per the religion’s guides) and follow the laws, or chapters, or rites, and a host of other related words that come along with it; different times, different words.. and notice that in every religion, there are many things in common: statues to idolise, rituals, prayers and songs, gurus, teachers and priests, gatherings of people, a hierarchy to respect, etc…

Religion always has to get bigger and bigger: it’s the aim of the system, there’s no going against it: if it is adapted to society and that the society likes it in return, there will be a larger audience resulting out of this liking and appreciation. if not, well, it will definitely be disliked and be looked upon as unappreciated, definitely.

Words like Fascist, Fanatic, Unrealistic, will be ‘tagged’ to the religion, eventually. A tag that any religion (or religious group) must try to avoid wrt society, unless if that’s what they really want, but then, we cant do nothing to change this ..
in reference to: Yashvin, pages of my life » Who will win? Mac Do or Iskcon (view on Google Sidewiki)
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