Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What could be the best framework for building large scale applications ?

i simply dont know when i see all these comments

good points: lightness, database queries yes they are the 50% efficiency factor it's true; size of the framework, cakephp is so easy to learn at first but when i see websites build on cake, WO, that's not what I'd want for delivery to a client =]

for instance, i have friends in the office boasting about the frameworks they will be using in the future and not even considering the detrimental factors involved in, for example shifting employees or if one leaves and get replaced by another who's good at php for instance (lets' say normal good) but nenni in the framework considered.. it's like in bourne identity and then everything goes silent, kaboom..

i saw one dude on top mentioning to create one of your own with just the requirements that would fit the requirements specifications of the applications, with clear independence of the MVCs, that is, modules created should be clearly independent of each other, minimum strings attached

documentation.. no one mentioned documentation.. documentation and user manuals are important, the app does not belong to you, it belongs to the company so the company must have a documentation and a user manual for different types of users that will be interacting with it, it's big so the acl is important i guess; that comes along with whatever framework you're using

i guess everyone here must guess im no programmer, im an analyst and that was how i would envisage the best strategy.. even im going through this hard decision and, php being a framework by itself and largely oO, y the need to build another framework when it already is one!?

so my best answer could be (even if I'm getting back on zend framework one more time) to build one of your own, deliver good documentation, comments, and user manuals and inspire on existing frameworks to eliminate weak points and improve on the best

that was my $0.03 :D

in reference to: which is the best PHP framework to use for large scale web applications - Stack Overflow (view on Google Sidewiki)
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