Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Search Results for "Zend Framework + Enable Layout"

That is the one of the first steps in starting to learn the Zend Framework. Unfortunately, there are various issues that have to be 'overcomed' when we start Zend Framework..

This is one of the issues on which I've got trapped for a while and I wanted to keep this as a reference for myself, lazy as I am :)

But I decided to add this paragraph just in case some readers got this 'oO' feeling of 'what's he writing?'

:D ..

By the way, I've read quite a lot on PHP frameworks and on how beginners and designers-wannabe-programmers get discouraged on Zend framework (and on Symfony too, I got discouraged as well..)

Many I read abandoned the quest of being programmatically independant from php frameworks that relate to Zend and Symfony. On the other hand, they got a lot happier with Joomla. Drupal (which is not a content management system, it's rather a CMS with a framework interface at the backend, like a mélange..) and CakePHP

I'm nearly discouraged as well but I still want to try learning the Zend framework, it's very hard for a designer but still I want to be able to get through it and take on a heavy vacation after I finish mastering it !!

I dont hope, I simply know I can make it..

in reference to: zend framework + enable layout - Google Search (view on Google Sidewiki)
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