Sunday, October 24, 2010

Learning Guitar, the first day…

That first day…

The first day of learning guitar will be, for some students, an exciting journey of knowing the magic of playing a tune, whilst for others, it’ll be a black eye two hours of obstacles and wanting to give up banging the guitar on the edge of your wall HAHAHA

That was not funny, cos it’s quite an investment nowadays, a good guitar; it might cost around Rs. 5000 (MUR) a good Yamaha, Taurus is not bad either (you just have to tune the Taurus every day before you play it, so enter the electric guitar tuner – there’ the manual one too, depends on you)

You get good guitars at Venpin Rose-Hill and Columbia at Quatre-Bornes; I recommend this to all of my students: the rest I don’t know. When it comes to me, in terms of quality and affordability, these two are the best places for buying a good guitar to start learning.

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"Learning Guitar, the first day…"
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