Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The debate just doesnt stop !!

People are supposed to be open-minded: we've got the internet and places where we can educate ourselves, we can never stop learning new things everyday in books and online; so y do ppl fold their eyes just on a limited form of veneration

Lord Krsna, just like any other form of Godlike personality that existed in time, appeared numerous times on earth in many other human forms in different places: Jesus, Horus, Dionysus (or Dionisus something like that), Buddha, to name a few.. Those numerous types of personalities were believed to be associated with the Holy Spirit or SuperSoul, in turn associated in some form or the other with Space and Universes or even better with a grand architect of a universe.

Each of those personalities had an animal associated with them: scarab, elephant, lion, tiger, etc... All these animals, or at some time insects, played an important part in humanity: horses and elephants/mammouths during wars, cows and beef to plow lands in Saraswati civilisations for farming, scarabs in egyptan times believed to rejuvenate light from the sun (something to do with the sun, google that out, better now: wiki it). Snakes have been and still are associated with medicine. Check out logos and corporate identities for Medical institutions.

Dont try to outsmart me on this part, i know this very well cos im a graphic designer, we do lots and lots of research and history is part of it: people, all along history, always liked animals because it's the next sexual being after us humans. You want to capture an audience and attract attention ? Most of the time, you just have to associate an animal with a human being, usually one that predominated the most along history: dragon, horse (unicorn), tiger, lion, elephant (mammouth,courts!), panther, cows or beef too

So what Scientific Evidence ... Are you talking about !!?

People, regular people, usually the working class were compelled or felt the need to adore the special animal together with the personality (there just cant be an animal only come onnnn, people will definitely place a similar sexual being similar to them on the podium) usually for a good reason. so MEUHH is JUST another animal at one time adored by people just like other of those selected animals associated with a personality.

AND nutritively speaking, regarding human beings, cow's milk, that usually comes after mother's milk, is not supposed to be taken all our life. The regular daily consumption normally stops before the age of 10: our body has not been conditioned for digesting huge amounts of milk all our life (we take it cos we are greedy, like 1bon dité *&^%$#@! tous les matins: even i do it, like all of you here) normally we dont need that much...

in reference to: Who will win? Mac Do or Iskcon | Yashvin, pages of my life (view on Google Sidewiki)
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