Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Kreol Statement about hypocrites and families taken out from my facebook account

I probably presume that someone will report my comments on facebook, so I decided to printscreen this on my personal blog so that everything remains genuinely correct.. Sometimes, ppl are scared and they erase their own comments just in case they get scared but here this thing will stay on as long as blogspot stays alive...

Sheddy Jaddoo mind ur language!!
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Sheran Jaddoo
bouss ou liki pilon, tone faire kitsoz de bien dan mo la vie en temp ki cousin toi pu to permet toi dire moi sa? toi to vive lor cass torma et torpa couma tous mo banne cousins kakaliki

depi collez, to meme pa ti aide to prop cousin (et mo s...ire to pu dire moi mo pa to cousin kan nu bel et bien famille, mais mo bien piss lor toi)

you are among the FUCKING hypocrites along with most of the JADDOO family, filthy egoistic pieces of shit that you all are ..See more
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Sheran Jaddoo i never asked for a penny from anyone in my family, not even my father for my mariage when some families 'rissed their likis' to present themselves as fathers when they were not even asked for... ayo felicitation ti 1 bon garson sa met selma p kite 25 roupies dans mo lamain mem pa dans 1 lenvelope ... selma zot mem premier pu fini karail.. laisse to kamarade krev de faim moi mo bizin rempli mo ventr..
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Sheran Jaddoo so for someone like you having your father doing EVERYTHING FOR YOU and your wife understanding your situation when you have to do overtime to get that extra lil money for a lunch at nandos for instance and not instead doing everything to jeopardise your state of mind thanks to her sister-in-law's curses and wrong deductions about me, so please sheddy just shut the fuck up.. not everyone is being blessed with this boon that you have
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Sheran Jaddoo it's not today that you will start caring about my language or whatever when for more than 15 years you never asked how i managed to do when my father decided to throw me out of the house thanks to a fat ex-bitch
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Sheran Jaddoo go leave under your father's shelter, be daddy's boy okay bro ?
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Latika Reetun hmmm to ena raison zot tou hypocrit lor sa la terre la , personne pas pou vin pour toi ,toi to bien aide dimoune quand arrive heure pour toi zot pas tan toi ek enplus coz coze dimoune pffff in arrive heure pou vivre pour toi paski kan to dans bez banla declare plis dans bez ki sa
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Sheran Jaddoo exemple: kan mo ti marier, de coté mo famille, banne jaddoon ki ti vine dan mo mariaz ine contribué 325roupies lors 1 investissement total de'environs 200000roupies.. certains famis ki ti vini ine donne 25roupies.. ena 1 ti vini zis zour chautari, line vine BOURRER couma 1 tank après line aller... des fois mo vraiment envie faire couma chindambaram kine pren nom sa fam kan line marier
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Shamood Khan if u r hypocrites, ull c them around you... Think abt it and try to correct ur own actions, ull c that it will change depending on how much you are changing...
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Sheran Jaddoo
et mo ti ena 1 kuz ti p plorer r moi, dire moi, "to couma 1 frero pu moi, kan to bizin moi, call moi toi, mo pu aide toi" après li kite 1 billet 25 dans mo pos HAHAHAaaa disant, "to trouver, zamé mo pu blier toi"

ler line fiancé, pa tenne li... ditout.. bon, mo pa p envie manz bourrer hypocrite, mais ça, je laisse that decision for anyone to take ..

mo bien piss lor zot, fran tout; ti ena 1 kikene dan mo fami ti p forcer, pousser pu represente moi comme papa kan mo p dire li (morpa pa ladan ditout) mo déza fine gagne kikene ki p act as papa pu moi, li faire comm si line panne tender, li pousse lot mamu là

ala la vrai fami JADDOO, la majoritéSee more
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Sheran Jaddoo ‎@shamood: r u mauritian parski mo pa p compren to anglais: if U r hyprocrites (means me as being many, wow !)
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